Today, I want to invite you to focus on whatever you prefer to call it…a mantra, an affirmation, or a focus word. People use these tools for different reasons. Sometimes for meditation, or to set an intention for the week (or the year, or the month). Sometimes they use it to remind themselves of the particular state that they want to experience or a goal that they want to achieve. And, sometimes it’s just a creative way of allowing the mind to reflect on things that might seem random, but are actually very connected to the things that bring us joy, the things that help us feel well, the things that help us do what we want to and need to do in the world.

One of my favorite ways to choose a mantra, focus word, or an affirmation, is to use little inspirational card sets. You can find them everywhere, including at our company (, and there are tons of other options online. You can even make and decorate your own. I personally like using these little ones made by my friend Mary Anne Radmacher—they’re called Tuckers (thanks, Em!), and they have an assortment of different words on them. The ones I just drew say, “intention,” “yes,” “now,” and “breathe.”

I like to have one or more of sets of cards at home, in the office, or in my purse, and randomly choose three cards; then I decide what those cards mean for me today. For example, I chose three cards right before I recorded this video. The first one was “reflect,” and I thought that was fascinating, because I’m spending a lot of time reflecting, not only on what matters most and what works best, but reflecting on how to bring tools to people that will allow them to do the same—REFLECT. I would probably do a little journaling exercise on this, or maybe something creative. Or, I might just kind of think about that word while I’m on the treadmill. There’s not a right or a wrong way—let the process guide you to the meaning that works for you.

You’re just asking your mind to serve up a reflection for you, such as:
• “What is the significance of this word or statement for me right now?”
• “What can I learn from this?”
• “What might I do as a result of this reflection?”
• “How can I grow?”
Again, there’s no “right” way to use the prompts, just your way. Your subconscious and conscious mind, and your right and left brain will playfully serve up insights, often when you least expect it.

So, the second card I chose today was “list,” and this made me laugh out loud because, in this time of so much dynamic change for everyone, things are changing not only day-by-day, but minute-by-minute, so it can be really easy to feel very off balance. Even as someone who is an improv comedienne, impromptu speaker, and off-the-cuff life-liver, I’m really needing to write lists for everything right now to keep me grounded and focused on what’s most important. So, that was sort of my reminder, “Deanna, when you start spinning out of control in your thinking or tasks, and find yourself doing things that are less important than the more important things at this time, a list, methinks, will help.

The third card I chose today was, “collaborate,” which I think this is really critical right now, because we all need to be collaborating to get our basic needs met, to support the people around us, and to help people in getting well and staying safe. Soo, this word is a trigger to help me think, “How can I collaborate not only in my business or in my home, but how can I collaborate across the social fabric to make a difference right now?” The mind can’t ignore a question, so it will look for creative ways to answer that question. Try it…you’ll see!

Sure, those are my focus words for today, but I’m far more interested in yours. I’m inviting you to try a similar practice in whatever form works for you. Use whatever tools you prefer, but find a way to focus on intentions and states of being that bring insight and empowerment your way every moment of every day.

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